Will Timpson

Full Stack Developer. Outdoor Enthusiast. Amateur Photographer.

Will Timpson

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About Me

I am a builder.

I've assembled everything from computers to homes to menus. These days I focus on web apps. I'm stocking my toolbox with Python/ Flask and Node.js/ Express for the server along with React and jQuery for the browser. My markup is semantic and my stylesheets are Sassy. Let's build something beautiful together!

I am an explorer.

When I'm not pounding the keys, you'll likely find me outside. I love to cruise streets and trails on my bike and paddle challenging rivers in my kayak. Lateley, I've even developed a bit of a running habit. Sometimes, when I want to take it slow, I'll grab my camera and go get lost somewhere.



A Meal-planning and recipe discovery app built as part of a team utilizing Agile techniques with Node.js, Express, Passport, OAuth, React, Redux, and Material-UI. Dinnerbell makes it easy to specify your dietary preferences and invite your friends to your next get together.


A kanban project management application built with Node.js, Socket.io, Mongoose, React, Redux and Semantic UI. Djello makes organization and collaboration a snap!


Stock price viewer and trading simulation built with Node.js, Express, React, Redux, Semantic UI, and the Quandl WIKI API. Pick your stocks well and reap the rewards.


A feed agregator that I built with Flask, Jinja, SQLite, Bootstrap, and the Pony ORM. It uses a ProcessPoolExecutor from the concurrent.futures module to rapidly fetch and parse your feeds in parallel.


A tool for standardizing video files, filmalize is a CLI app built with Click that uses ffmpeg to do the converting. Currently filmalize only outputs mp4 containers with h264 video, aac audio, and mov_text subtitles, but I plan to make the output format configurable. That particular combination was selected for its broad compatibility with web browsers.

Contact Me

You can reach me directly at will.timpson@gmail.com